Grognet/Janes DVM Hip Dysplasia Case Study

Erchonia Laser Case Study – Hip Dysplasia



7-year-old Labradoodle


Nov, 2010 – first visit for lameness


•    Previously diagnosed with hip dysplasia, worse in the right hip.

•    No medication.

•    Owned by pharmacy technician; did not want to use medication.




•    Sore with caudal extension of both hips.

•    Poor muscling in hind legs.

•    Sensitive in the L2 area, back hunched.

•    Radiograph

o    Extensive arthritis in the right hip

o    Some arthritis in the left hip

o    Spondylosis at L2-L3


Treatment (Erchonia Basestation Laser):


9-16-42-53/465-25-666-20.5/45.2-8166-1550-36    musculoskeletal

9-16-42-53/216-66-96-43/8166-45.2-20.5-1260    arthritis

4-33-60-151/9-33-60-16/151-465-789-20.5        hip dysplasia syndrome

9-16-42-53/151-1151-789-20.5/569-16-9-5000    hip dysplasia canine


Results and schedule (did chronic schedule)


Day 1: two treatments

Day 4: moving better

Day 7: improved; better caudal extension of hips Day 11: owner reports Stanley is jumping better Day 14, 16, 23: more active and less sore Day 57: no limping at all One month later: stable One month later: now plays all day with 2 other dogs and no pain One month later: now running alongside bike Six weeks later: some lameness in last week, right hip sensitive with extension

    – go back to one month

One month later: activity level back up and no signs of discomfort Six weeks later: all fine Will continue maintenance schedule every 6-8 weeks


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