I have been working miracles with these 405 nm Erchonia laser frequencies and the same for Valley Fever.   I used them for two horses last weekend and both measured 8000 on my Toftness scale.  Both went to zero in a few minutes.
-Dr Don Mccune
Surprise, AZ

My dog got parvo last October and we didn’t catch it early enough bc we didn’t really know what parvo was. She would have died but I lasered her and the laser was amazing. I spoke with a holistic vet and opted not to give antibiotics so I used the laser to prevent bacterial infection, heal the gut and kill the virus. At one point I had a gut feeling she was developing a bacterial infection so I lasered for that. My dog started squirming when I lasered that frequency. She was so sick and had no energy but squirmed because she felt the laser working. She squirmed for two laser treatments for infection and by the third one she didn’t squirm and was doing better at that point. I would have lost her without the laser. This thing is amazing!
Just thought I’d share!
-Dr. Ratcliff
Hubbard, TX


My doxie, Jelly, was paralyzed behind. I took him to local emergency clinic. They told me he had to surgery to tune of $5K. That was just not an option to me at this time. I was heartbroken. Then a friend, who is vet tech for Dr. Huff, told me to bring him for cold laser therapy. He was there for three days, then 2x/week, now down to 1x/week. You would not know it if you saw him today. He is back to 95%. I am careful to keep him from jumping and climbing. It has been less than a month and I have my dog back. I will be forever grateful. I wish I could use it on myself.
-Michele De Smet



“Dr. Huff started laser therapy after Baby went down in her hind in due to a slipped disc. Her conditioned improved dramatically almost immediately and continued to improve. Even after the series of lasers, Baby got around so much better. You can’t tell that Baby had an issue at all.” -Mr. Mandeville & Baby

“I am very happy with the treatments that Bella got for her leg. When I took her to you I was worried that she would never be able to run and play like she use to. But after the treatments she is alive again. She is full of life and can run and play .  Me and belly plat each day. I run her to keep her in shape. It is so good to have her back well and happy. Bella still has a little trouble setting down and getting up. But once she is up you would never know anything was wrong. Thank you so much for taking care of Bella and for the treatments that has made her the dog she was. GOD BLESS YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO”
– Larry Osborne  and ( Bella )




“Here are pictures of me using the laser on Sarah the Kangaroo. I was able to adjust her afterwards but did not get a photo of that. You can see the red laser beam across her mid section and down onto a brown spot that is a lesion on her pouch. The lesion was granulomatous and is now drying up and going away. She is also hopping again like a normal kangaroo. She has done that in a long time. You can also see my new red laser enhancement glasses.

-Kellie Gray, DC
Glendale, AZ

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