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Nadia Sorocka

The staff at Palm Beach Animal Hospital, 9184 Forest Hill Blvd., in Wellington uses traditional and nontraditional treatments to make sure beloved pet gets compassionate care.

Dr. Michael Frisch and his partner Dr. Tom Griffith opened the office about two months ago. The doctors, which also include Dr. Jean Oberg, specialize in complete medical, dental, surgical services, behavior therapy, wellness/nutrition counseling and holistic treatments.

“We are different than your typical veterinarian practice,” Dr. Frisch said. “We’re about treating animals with preventative medicine instead of treating the problem.”

Dr. Frisch, who graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University, specializes in behavior modification, and diet supplements and specialized foods for pets. Often behavior problems and pet anxiety are the reason pets end up in shelters, Dr. Frisch said.

“We recommend various diets to help the animal heal,” Dr. Griffith said. “We may also recommend supplements that are specifically made to target the organ causing a problem. These are also specific to feline or canines.”

Dr. Griffith is certified in pet acupuncture and veterinarian orthopedic manipulation, which the office uses to complement traditional treatment.

“I use tools to help older dogs with internal and orthopedic problems,” said Dr. Griffith. “We are about whole body treatment. It keeps them happy, healthy animals. The game plan is to keep the animal at optimal health.”

Dr. Griffith also uses Erchonia Medical lasers, a cold laser that uses varying frequencies to treat pain, wounds, muscle and orthopedic pain and allergies in pets by increasing blood flow. According to the doctors, their office is the only one in the area to use the Erchonia Medical laser, which is also FDA approved for humans, to assist in the healing process of pets.

“The cool thing is you don’t feel it. It is really pretty amazing stuff,” said Dr. Frisch.

The office is using new technology to help make procedures and treatments more comfortable to the owner and their pet. For example the office is able to offer sedationfree dental care for dogs and cats, according to Dr. Oberg.

“As our pets’ diets have improved so has their life span. Pets are living longer today than in the past,” she said. “That is why it is so important that we take better care of their teeth.”

With the non-sedation treatment Dr. Oberg is able to clean a dog’s or cat’s teeth while it sits on her lap. It is about preventative care before your pet has a problem, she said.

The animal hospital also is paper less, utilizing digital and mobile X-ray machines for speed and accuracy. They also have their own in-house diagnostic lab for quick returns on tests and blood work.

Palm Beach Animal Hospital is open from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to noon Saturday for appointments and is available for 24-hour emergency care. Call 561-249-1071 or visit for information.,0,297596.story

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